Send that Bar Graph to Space!

Originally planned for August 30, I’ve moved up the release date of my new book, Fully Functioning, to…. TOMORROW!

So if you’re one of the one people who pre-ordered (just kidding, there’s at least two people), it’ll be available for you tomorrow. If you didn’t pre-order yet, then… well, time’s running out, friendos. What are you waiting for? The free promo period?

Yeah, I don’t blame you. I like free books too. But you know what else I like? Bar graphs that aren’t empty and my KDP sales graphs are pretty sad right now.

So I’m gonna “The Critic”* people for … at least a few more days.

Fully Functioning Cover v6Fully Functioning by Eda J. Vor available on

I survived postpartum depression by mainlining Riverdale fanfic. Let me show you how!








Fully High and Functioning?

I’m having this problem–and I know I’m not the only one–whereby most of the people in my life keep blowing off my poor mental health because I’m not quivering in a corner somewhere mumbling obscenities and drooling onto my bathrobe. And I’m not exactly whispering subtle cries for help into the wind in the dead of night when only the owls can hear me. I’m saying to a therapist, “I’m not ok and I need help.”

And he says back, “Can you get out of bed each day? Are you able to wash and dress yourself? Have you been going to work? Feeding your children? Engaging in pastimes that you enjoy?” Yes, thank you. I am fully functional as a member of society and fulfilling all of my expectations. But I’m not…. ok.

“Well, do you hear voices? Do you see things that aren’t there? Have you prepared a thorough implementation plan for a suicide attempt with a bulleted list of who’s to blame and a PowerPoint presentation that’ll help your next of kin produce a limited series on Netflix based on your true story?” No, I’m not batshit, I just need a little help.

“Have you tried dunking your face into an ice bath to stop your breathing and reset your brain?”

My God, NO! No, thank you!

“Do you engage in recreational drug use to self-soothe?”


“Do have a glass of wine or two at the end of the night or the middle of the day to take the edge off?”

No, what the hell? Are these your solutions? Are these the only solutions to being overworked and overtired and anxious and depressed and feeling like the world is a garbage bin collapsing in on itself?!

Obviously, I left that therapist. I changed jobs. I changed schedules. I implemented rules and strategies to organize at home. But I’m still… so tired. Soul tired. Mentally fatigued. Just so… so done.

There has got to be something better than wine and drugs and useless therapy and empty promises.

Maybe that’s why I write.

But I have to say, it’s pretty depressing that so little has changed since I starting writing this book two years ago. Releasing it now is just a reminder of how much further I need to go.

Fully Functioning Cover v6

Fully Functioning: a postpartum descent into obsessive fangirling

This book is about the slow realization that there was something wrong with my brain, how easy it was for everyone to ignore that, and finding a vice/self-medicating/self-soothing method that didn’t do any actual damage to my brain or body or children.

This book is also about using stories to become more self-aware, how we can find ourselves in fictional characters and use their emotions to discover our own.

This book is about marriage, how children can change a marriage, finding the faults in marriage and refusing to accept them. 

This book is about postpartum life, infant hell, motherhood, and how society fails to take care of mothers.

This book is about addiction, how it doesn’t have to be about physical dependence, how the root is trauma, the whole thing about “gateways” being mental issues not dealt with.

This book is about self-actualization, understanding patterns of thought or behavior that don’t serve the health of the individual, the roots of those patterns, how one can discover their existence, and the decision to change them.


So the good news is that I have plenty of material for at least two sequels.


Here are the fun links I found about high-functioning mental health disorders:

High Functioning Mental Health Disorders on

What it’s like to have a high-functioning mental health disorder by Mandy Frankel on

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There’s More Than One Way to End Happy

I started watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix at a point in my life–I don’t remember exactly–when I needed a story about motherhood. I was one myself, and probably newly so, either with my first or my second, and everything else was baaad. I was isolated, exhausted, hormonal, and depressed and then… Jane. An hour of magic and love and characters who talked to each other, expressed their fears and feelings, and got through some wacky shit together.

I just watched the last episode this afternoon–crying hysterically the whole time–one day before my last at the crappy per diem job I took five years ago knowing that I wanted to have a baby and couldn’t afford to stop working.

Five years for Jane’s story, five years for this part of mine, and both of us going from childless and job-focused to motherhood and authorhood, (although she’s obviously doing better than me on that front).

Five years ago, before I’d even gotten pregnant, I left a full-time position at a company that was in its third round of lay-offs and took a friend up on an offer to get me into his organization. It seemed great at the time: super part-time, flexible, easy, close to home, and both not benefited and working for a lazy permissive supervisor which meant that the only consequence of not showing up was a smaller paycheck. It let me be there for my babies, take (obviously unpaid) maternity leave but go back when I was ready, work from home if necessary and really, just come and go as I please. But it also ended up being really exploitative. My boss knew that I didn’t have a lot of options, especially after my second child. He knew my work style–proactive, problem-solving, self-motivated and reliable to a fault–and used it against me constantly, letting me talk myself into doing things that were clearly and negligently NOT my responsibility rather than taking any responsibility on himself to do or delegate. He was the kind of racist who would say things like, “I wish they’d just tell me their real names. I’ll call them by their real names. I’m that kind of guy. They don’t have to make up fake American names just to make me comfortable.” And the kind of sexist who would laugh harder when I’d say, “Wow, that’s sexist. Please stop,” because he thought we were both in on the joke.

So when an amazing permanent part-time position came up with a job description that read like a list of my skills, I jumped and I landed and I start on Monday.

I’ve spent the past two and a half weeks since I gave my notice trying to enjoy all the parts of my schedule that make me happy: abundant time with my children, flexibility to deal with routine appointments as well as unhappy surprises, illnesses, and babysitter flakeouts, the freedom to Not Care what happens at work because honestly, with a boss like that, why should I?

All that comes to an end tomorrow. And I become a real working mother who only sees her kids at the beginning and end(ish) of the day, who doesn’t have nearly enough time to stream videos on my phone while I nurse a child.

And Jane ends at the same time, stripping all the magic out of my life and forcing me to grow up, get out of the house, and be my own person again.

I hate when a show I love ends. But my babies are growing up and don’t need me as much which means I can leave a shitty job and do something with my time other than watching TV until that baby belly is full.


And there’s always my somewhat fictionalized memoir to help me appreciate my choice. Oh but that’s more about Riverdale than Jane. I’ve done a lot of breast-feeding over the past few years so I streamed a lot of drama.

I’ve seen every episode of Baywatch, by the way.


Fully Functioning: a postpartum descent into obsessive fangirling

Fully Functioning Cover v6 by Eda J Vor

Available for pre-order on

It was a slow and painful realization that there was something wrong and the ease with which everyone else ignored it made it all the more squiggly to pin down. After all, a functional mother is one who can change a diaper and remember bedtimes. If she’s not falling to pieces, she’s fine.

Go down the rabbit-hole of hormone-induced mental illness and back again with a woman who survived postpartum depression through fanfiction addiction and found the clarity to confront the everyday demons of a troubled marriage, inadequate healthcare, and unattainable ideals of motherhood. This is the partially true story from an utterly unreliable narrator of how our culture fails mothers in their most desperate and vulnerable state.


GiveItAway GiveItAway Now

Lay_Her_Ghosts_to_Rest large cover

Time for a Promo!

Aug 29 through Sept 2, Lay Her Ghosts to Rest is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I need some readers, you need an excuse to review a book you know you’re better than. It’s a match made in Kindle, really.

Download your copy of my paranormal, self-care, workplace drama, chicklit, speculative fiction book about a lady who talks to ghosts and then tell me how full of crap I am on the review form.



Everyone LOVES wakes and funerals, Eda. What are you even TALKING about? –Morticia McMacabre


I don’t understand the Bob Marley reference. –Heather Lynn Clearbottom


That ghost in the smart red suit sounds great. Let’s hear more about her. –Anonymous Female Politician


It’s wonderful, Sweetheart. I’m so proud of you! –My grandmother


Your turn. Whattaya got for me, reader?

It’s Heeeee-errrrrre (GHOSTS!)

Coworker drama! Institusluts! Moms who can’t let go even after they die! 

Lay Her Ghosts to Rest is available TODAY on Amazon!


What started as a totally pantsed (that being “by the seat of my”) NaNoWriMo and CampNaNo project has become… A Real Book that you can buy and read and then also review if you’re a responsible reader.

Go get it and read the crap out of it!

Lay_Her_Ghosts_to_Rest large cover“Ohhh, not a player slayer at all, are ya? Just a covert convert.”

“Not quite. I think. I’m not sure what that means. But no, I did not fall for his game. We dated. We… lived together, actually. For quite a while. But it didn’t work out and we broke up and he’s not pleased with how things ended.”

“You dumped him.”

“I ended the relationship, yes.”

“Why? And are you the reason he’s become the Instituslut?”

“The what? Institu–? That’s not even clever.”

“I didn’t come up with it.”

Hot Off the Digital Press

Available for pre-order until August 11:

Lay Her Ghosts to Rest


This story is really about recognizing negative patterns and realizing how difficult it is to break them.

The main character, a spirit counselor in a pseudo-post-apocalyptic society with a ghost infestation, takes care of everyone but herself.

The message the story tries to convey is that radical self-care is one of the steps in creating a healthier society.

Plus… ghosts!



My son said to me the other day, “Mom, whobody’s outside?”

“I don’t think there’s anybody outside, bud,” I said.

“Somebody out dare, Mom. Whobody is it?”


I know it’s part of the process to let kids discover words and then gently correct them when they mispronounce, no matter how cute they are. I reluctantly repeat the words “video” instead of “boodoo” and “computer” instead of “puku” but whobody? Whobody makes sense.

I propose we add “whobody” to the English lexicon and anyone who disagrees will be forced to watch a boodoo on my puku of my son adorably asking “Whobody’s dare?” over and over until ya’ll see the genuis of it.



*not my child. 


P.S. Just a couple more days of fun summer lovin’ LGBT novel discounted to $.99 before my new workplace drama about ghosts and self-care launches. Buy some stuff, eh? I got another kid on the way.

All the Things Coming Out Soon

Inconvenient timing, this book launch coinciding with some fun pre-term contractions. Very distracting to have to think about both of my babies entering the world around the same time.

The good news is that the contractions have subsided and it looks like I’ll keep on bein’ pregnant for at least another few weeks (although I’d prefer 6 or 7 weeks to keep in line with my due date).

And with my new book coming out August 11, and that delivery being much more predictable and under my own control, slightly less stressful as well.

I’m just all about birthing good things into the world this month.


High-five, kids. 


Lay_Her_Ghosts_to_Rest large cover


Lay Her Ghosts to Rest, emerging from Amazon on August 11. Available for pre-order now for $2.99. It’s the least messy project I’ll be delivering in the next month or so.

Meet My Irresponsible Muse


My Muse is definitely a drunk girl in a bathroom.

What incredible inconvenience, my mystery muse, to give me an idea whose time has come just in time for me to have NO TIME for writing! I’m already juggling enough, my muse! How can you just slap a story across my face and expect me to comply?! Don’t you see those IKEA boxes full of children’s furniture sitting on my nursery floor? Can’t you tell my mommy brain is in full effect? Don’t you see my struggling to get up into my cafe table desk chair? Why? Why now?!


So good news, I have a great idea for my next book!

Bad news, I’m like… SO pregnant and so busy and so distracted that I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a preorder on my last new book so… cool! Thanks, Mom. Or ladyfriend. Or… stranger?! Regardless, you won’t be disappointed. Lay Her Ghosts to Rest is the best thing I’ve written so far and I’m super proud of it. Tell your friends! Make them order it too. Momma’s going on maternity leave soon and needs some residual income, if only enough to buy a few more ice creams before the summer ends.



Cheeky preview of my next new thing. 

What’s Your Workplace Inequality Rant?

I’m a short lady who doesn’t necessarily look her age (from afar, at least) and while I have very healthy self-esteem and can command a room with just the power of my saucy attitude, I still deal with a whole lotta dismissive, condescending, underestimating bullcrap. Especially in the workplace. Especially from old men who call me sweetheart or honey and treat me like a precious little princess.

And we’re not talking Elena of Avalor or Merida of the Arrow in your behind if you sass her. I mean more like those people who dress toddlers up like pageant queens. Might as well just pat my head and wax my arm hair, because Momma needs to live out her beauty queen fantasies through you, my little princess.


Pointed… at… your butt.

It’s infuriating. And even as I get older and start to look older, graying hair and wrinkly eyes and Anne Tayloresque ensembles and, you know, seniority and all, I still get treated this way because it has nothing to do with me or who I am or how I’m qualified or what my title or place in the hierarchy may be.

Little girls get lollipops, not respect.

I have no solution at present, other than possibly to borrow Merida’s bow, but I want to feel that I’m not alone so I like to put my stories out there and provide a forum for thought or discussion, much like the main character in my new book, Lay Her Ghosts to Rest, eventually does in her own workplace*.

I’ve added a discussion question on GoodReads for this purpose. What’s your workplace bullcrap behavior story and would you care to share it in my forum?

You can find it here. 


*Excerpt from Lay Her Ghosts to Rest

“Catori, that’s all so wonderful and truly a remarkable breakthrough but I have to tell you–this is what I’ve been waiting to tell you–that there absolutely is a better way and you’ve already found it. You’ve already implemented it. You have already made significant, compassionate, beneficial changes to this Institution and you did it just by being your own, admittedly flawed, self.”

Catori furrowed her brow. She wasn’t in the mood to celebrate whatever had made Dr. Sunkireddy so happy to see her. She wanted to wallow in the gravity of reality for a while. She wanted it to be clear in her own mind what she was saying and thinking and feeling and connect them all in a significant way.

But she didn’t want to be rude either. “How so?” she asked with little enthusiasm.

“You’ve started what could accurately be called a grassroots revolution among the employees here. They’ve been coming to me and the other counselors in droves over the past week, talking about you and the discussion groups you’ve been having in the Lounge after hours. They’re excited and relieved and hopeful and every single one of them credits you.”