Free Friday Fun Read

In anticipation of the release of my new book, I’m doing the ole Free Giveaway Extravaganza of my old books. Weeee!

Anyway, it’s free and it’s a good time so go to town.

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I finally submitted my new book as a pre-order on KDP… with a spelling mistake on the cover. It’s in review now so I can’t change it. So… that’s awesome.

Way to be professional, Eda.

Fully Functioning Cover v6

Let’s call this a cover reveal and pretend it’s exciting.

I Promise You Itches

So I’m working on the whole self-promotion without self-immolation thing but the best I can do so far is bizarre and a little uncomfortable.

What do YOU think of my new book description?

It was a slow and painful realization that there was something wrong and the ease with which everyone else ignored it made it all the more squiggly to pin down. This is the partially true story of how our culture fails mothers in their most desperate and vulnerable state and how one woman relied on a harmless vice not only to maintain her sanity but to figure out the root of her depression and find the clarity to confront it. With an unreliable narrator and metaphors to make you itch, you too can travel through a postpartum depressive episode, a fiction addiction, and a sweet sharknado of enlightenment and out the other side like a kick in the crotch.

P.S. I can’t find any synonyms for “sharknado” but I’m taking suggestions.


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I haven’t actually seen much more than a few minutes of one of the movies but in concept, I’d say genius.

Both Alike in Indignity

The very best part of writing a book is marketing it, right? /sarcasmfont

But I’m doing it anyway because as much as I don’t expect to quit my day job to pursue noveling as a career, I still want people to see my book. A few people. Other than my mom and best friends.

So I’ve been using Google Trends to search for the best keywords. That’s where I found out that people search “postpartum” far more than “postpartum depression” and that’s why it, I assume, it was impossible for my family to recognize that I had it? /bitterfont

Also, tons of people search for depression so perhaps separating the phrase “postpartum depression” will yield better results?

It’s worth a try, I guess. Sometimes those little keyword tweaks make all the difference.

Related image

Untrue, apparently. Thanks for the false hope, meme.

Crazy Lady Writes a Book!

I’m happy to announce that my self-publishing slump is over! I have another coal in the fire and it’s ’bout ready to burn!

I just finished editing a story I started writing for NaNoWriMo 2017, during the height of my postpartum depression and it is… a lot. I mean, I write and often think in little metaphors but when I’m experiencing big emotions and don’t know how to describe them… well…

Fear like a bat-winged demon–its gaunt body belying its otherworldly strength–wraps its claws around my throat and squeezes. I choke and sputter, clutching my stomach with both hands, trying to hold everything in place.

It’s not all like that. That would be terrible. But the bits where I feel like a total hormone-raging bag of nuts? Demon death threats and bat-winged fears, ya’ll.

Some of it’s funny. Some of it is feminist AF and a calling out of health professionals, family members of new mothers, and most especially my husband. It’s not a tell-all and you better believe I’mma market that thing as fiction to protect myself from my in-laws but there’s some real deal shit in there and I’m ready to throw it out into the world and let my story be seen.

Maybe I’ll dedicate it to Hannah Gadsby and Brene Brown. Not Beyonce, though. That goddess already knows.

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You can, but you can’t feel readers clicking out of your author page so it hardly counts.