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Lay Her Ghosts to Rest

Lay_Her_Ghosts_to_Rest large cover.jpg

by Eda J. Vor 

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You know that woman who will drop everything to run to your side when you need her but asks next to nothing in return? That’s Catori. And not only is she dealing with your crap on her personal time but she’s doing it professionally under much more stressful circumstances.

The woman counsels ghosts for a living.

The veil has been lifted and spirit counselor Catori Khan has been tasked with sending a never-ending stream of wayward spirits off to their final destination. But where she excels in communicating with ghosts, she falls short with the living and no amount of empathy can help mend her broken connections. It’s not until she recognizes the negative patterns of behavior in her work and her social life that she can move forward, practicing self-care and sympathy, and form healthy, fulfilling relationships both professionally and personally.



Excerpt from Lay Her Ghosts to Rest

Catori made and held eye contact, tilting her head and speaking with genuine concern. “How ARE you?” she asked.

“Fine,” it answered automatically, politely, and with a little nod of the head.

“No, you’re not. Barbara,” Catori paused, letting it sink in that this wasn’t small talk, that she was really asking. “How ARE you?”

“Fine?” it responded but with less conviction.

“No,” she repeated. “You’re not.”

“How am I?” it asked, ducking its head, breaking the eye contact. And here’s where Catori needed to decide who this woman was, what she really needed, and to give it to her in a way that would be helpful.

“You’re dead.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Atkins said sadly but thoroughly unsurprised.