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Lay_Her_Ghosts_to_Rest large coverLay Her Ghosts to Rest

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Genre: Speculative Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Hen Lit, Feminist Fiction

Summary: A professional ghost counselor explores gender dynamics and the role of self care in the workplace.

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ltot-book-coverLike Two Opposite Things

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Genre: Young Adult, Romance, LGBT

Summary: A romantically inexperienced teen in the mid-90s chooses between fantasy and reality

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51aUpM62MIL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_The Homecoming Effect

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Genre: Family Drama, Romance, Dystopian

Summary: A post-apocalyptic chick-lit novel about a found family struggling to survive in a new town after their old world is blown apart.

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Short Stories

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51aubuobgylA Flash of Effect: Inside the world of The Homecoming Effect in four short stories

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From the author’s notes and character studies, these four flash fiction stories take you inside the world of the novel The Homecoming Effect and the character of Bunny whose motivations and backstory aren’t always as they appear. Each short story expands on the character’s inner workings, from her fierce–albeit sometimes misguided–Mama Bear instinct to her complicated relationship with “the truth”.


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Politics of Friendship coverv2The Politics of Friendship

Available for free in a variety of digital stores

In this short story, frenemies form in one night of drunken bacon-waving idiocy.


Browbeaten cover3Browbeaten, Not Broken

Available for free in a variety of digital stores

John Frederick is a bully who can’t see past his own interests in his research or his life. You would think his father’s diagnosis would change all that…