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ltot-book-coverLike Two Opposite Things
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It all happens here, in the armpit of the jetty on the far end of North Beach. This is where Helia Desiderio–nick-named Hell-yeah by her friends–ends her reign as a kiss-virgin dork baby and finally gets up close to the campground jock, her crush, Patrick. But nothing goes the way she plans: not the kissing, not the crushing, and definitely not the no-big-dealness of kissing both girls and boys. When she has to chose between the surprisingly sweet boy who loves her and the best friend she didn’t know she had, Hell-yeah’s forced to figure out some things about life and love and who she really wants to be.



51aUpM62MIL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_The Homecoming Effect
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What starts as a meaningless fling between Bunny, an emotionally-conflicted older woman who just left her battle-scarred husband and Daniel, a hopelessly infatuated younger man recently graduated from college, is curtailed by a series of explosions that destroys schools and hospitals sending the couple 200 miles from home with three children in tow. When the found family seeks safety in a strict religious community, they are forced to concoct a web of lies to appear legitimate and avoid being exiled, or worse. Can they maintain their ruse to avoid suspicion and keep their family together or will the secrets they keep from each other drive them apart? And how much of the trauma they discovered her husband and his father shared upon returning from war was ultimately responsible for the tragic events that lead to their new lives?

Short Stories

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A Flash of Effect: Inside the world of The Homecoming Effect in four short stories
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From the author’s notes and character studies, these four flash fiction stories take you inside the world of the novel The Homecoming Effect and the character of Bunny whose motivations and backstory aren’t always as they appear. Each short story expands on the character’s inner workings, from her fierce–albeit sometimes misguided–Mama Bear instinct to her complicated relationship with “the truth”.


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Browbeaten cover2

Browbeaten, Not Broken
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John Frederick is a bulldozer of a man who probably should have been fired long ago. When his dad is diagnosed with cancer, will it change his tune or will he lose his cool?



Night Dreams cover2

Night Dreams of Day FearsĀ 

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I envy those who fly in dreams when I’m stuck searching for bathrooms and failing mac & cheese construction competitions.



Politics of Friendship coverv2

The Politics of Friendship
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From the perspective of the drunkest of the bunch, four old high school friends find their disparate approaches to friendship cannot necessarily resolve the discord created when the vegetarian is accosted with bacon.



A Modern Day Plungercism cover compA Modern Day Plungercism
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Call a priest because Ottavio’s son has got himself un demone dell’acqua that cannot be killed… with Draino. But with a handful of salt and the plunging of the faithful, they just might get their shower back.





Raucous Recreation cover.jpgRaucous Recreation, Tumult on the Turf
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Runner-up Winner in Rayne Hall’s 24-Hour Story-Writing Contest, it’s fight club on the playground between two moms who’ve had enough. Weaponize your diaper bag and join the fray!