Both Alike in Indignity

The very best part of writing a book is marketing it, right? /sarcasmfont

But I’m doing it anyway because as much as I don’t expect to quit my day job to pursue noveling as a career, I still want people to see my book. A few people. Other than my mom and best friends.

So I’ve been using Google Trends to search for the best keywords. That’s where I found out that people search “postpartum” far more than “postpartum depression” and that’s why it, I assume, it was impossible for my family to recognize that I had it? /bitterfont

Also, tons of people search for depression so perhaps separating the phrase “postpartum depression” will yield better results?

It’s worth a try, I guess. Sometimes those little keyword tweaks make all the difference.

Related image

Untrue, apparently. Thanks for the false hope, meme.

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