You Too Can Control the Kipple

Yeah, I did it. I followed the toy overload solution that made the most sense to me:

Dump that shiz out, comb through the rubble, and organize like your sanity depends on it (because… it dooooooooes).

I sent the husband off on a nap ride with the wee monsters, collected my supplies (two miraculously empty toy buckets, a plastic Target bag for trash, a paper Target bag for donations, and a YUUUUUUGE cup of coffee) and went. to. town.

I ended up with one bag of throw’emouts (filled mostly with the packaging my kids love almost as much as the toys themselves) and two bags of donations (mostly of the outgrown baby toy we never actually played with types because I refuse to donate anything important to my son… which is most of his stuff). Everything else got sorted into themed bins including:

  • Baby toys we keep forever for the feels
  • Chewable toys for baby gums-a-lot
  • Paw Patrol and toys who like to play with Paw Patrol
  • ImagineNext figures and accessories
  • Pirate-themed
  • Random figures
  • Large potato heads
  • Mini potato heads
  • Play-Doh
  • Balls

I had already organized puzzles and games the week prior and it relieved that part of my brain that stresses over clutter so thoroughly that I was inspired to do more.Now… this is just the first floor of my house and the big kid’s got toys galore in his room but my time is precious and few and there are only so many nap rides they’re willing to take per day.

But if you’re wondering if the Dump & Parse method works, I give a resounding YES!

You know, for now. It’s been like, a day and half that crap’s all over the floor again but at least now, there are dedicated buckets to put them back in!

Also, I haven’t written in at least a week because I chose writing as a hobby and hobbies are people with the luxury of time on their hands. So until my daughter stops toy stroller stunting the second I turn my back to her, I don’t see myself finishing any major projects for a while.

man riding a bicycle

Replace this young man with a feisty toddler and his bike with a pink and teal toy stroller and you’ll have the bulk of my afternoon.  Photo by Josh Kur on




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