The Most Common Parenting Strategy

First on my list of nonfiction books to write, when I eventually get around to writing nonfiction books, will be a parenting book called How to Raise a Strong-willed Girl Without Destroying Her Spirit.

It will be one page and the text on that page will look like this:


Because hell if I know. I mean, mine’s still an infant and I can hardly handle it. I was chatting with a few friends this weekend about their teen and pre-teen strong-willed girls and apparently, it only gets harder from here.

The one thing we could all agree on was that being a strong-willed girl is exactly what will get our babies through the tough times and set them up for a lifetime of kicking some ass. But SWEET LORD, what do we do when they give you this look just for trying to change their diaper?

Related image

I’m PLAYING right now, MOTHER.




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