You Can Have My Naked Opinion

WHAT… in the HELL?

I wanted to post today about finishing my NaNoWriMo project, maybe post an excerpt, talk about how I might want to take a pause from the story and work on something else for a while.

Instead, after checking my web stats and seeing something unusual in the search terms section, I have to ask:

WHO searched for “eda j vor nude” and where can I kick your sorry ass? 

First of all, perv, I write under a pseudonym so the only pictures you’ll find of “me” are heavily processed, totally incognito pictures of my obscured profile.

Secondly, I just had a baby, man. You don’t want none of this.


The part I find slightly hysterical is that s/he landed on this blog post: Hot and Hopeless Strangers  which sounds pretty dirty, right? Haha, no, it’s about how reading too much fanfiction can inadvertently encourage some bad writing habits.

Seriously, though… stop being gross at people who aren’t interested. There’s so much porn available online. Go find that. Engage in consensual activities and leave everyone else alone.



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