What is the Frequency, Eda?

Social media is a distraction! she preached to a choir of like-minded individuals who rolled their eyes at the cliche. Ok, but really, though, she said because she had this plan for a blog post about writing characters with the traits of real-life people who annoy her both to humanize her characters and to gain some understanding and sympathy for the people who bug her. Instead, she got hung up on a weird comment/questions she read on Twitter in response to her last book’s promotion. What does it even MEAN? she asked herself, and is it even worth my time to consider, never mind respond?

I don’t know. What do you think?

In response to:

My… hairdresser? I don’t… get it. Am I being troll-baited or is this like a genuine (ly confusing) response to my amateur blurbing skills? Am I being challenged to step up my book marketing game or challenged to respond to a weirdo on the internet?

Because I like a challenge when it comes from someone I respect or at least from someone addressing me respectfully.

You know what might make for an interesting character trait? Someone who writes weird crap at strangers on the internet and what the hell their motivation is.

See how I brought it back around?


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