Aren’t We All Heroes in PJs

Reasons I like PJ Masks:

The one girl hero wears mostly red instead of all pink and she flies, which my son thinks makes her the best one.

The theme song.

Two out of the three heroes are non-white (it seems, anyway).

The villains have the most ridiculously delightful plans to take over the world. Rottenating eggs to make the world so stinky, people will be too distracted to notice that a child is taking over? Brilliant.

There’s a female villain, she “gets her power” from the moon, and her minions are moths.

The Night Ninja villain is, in my mind, a caricature of terrible karate instructors who claim to have amazing powers of ninjery-do but really sit on their butts all day while their mini-mes do all the work.

It totally makes sense that no one knows the heroes’ identities because they only save the day at night. Total sense. Love it.

And the best part: I love that when one of the heroes is highlighted for a story, it’s about them doing something wrong or acting unreasonably and the lesson of the story is that being a hero means recognizing what you’re doing wrong and making it right. THAT is how you save the day, my friends. At night. In your PJs.



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