Adulting So Hard

I am one of those people who have trouble 1) calling people to ask things and 2) being responsible about doing regular people responsibilities so doctor/dentist appointment-making has never been my strong suit. My husband is the emergency number for our son and the one who always makes his appointments. I’m the one who fills out the paperwork once we get there.

I seem to recall that when I first GOT a primary care doctor (because I lived before the time of insurance covering you under your parents until you’re 26 so I just didn’t… have a doctor), I picked a name out of a list with an address that seemed easy enough to get to. And I haven’t changed since then even though I moved about 25 minutes away. That was fine until my nurse practitioner left and her several replacements proved to be… well, replaceable both in their jobs and in my mind. So why am I still driving 20 minutes away to a health practitioner I don’t care about? Indeed. Why?

And why am I still taking my son to the pediatrician I can’t stand whose very strong and absolutely correct under every circumstance opinion constantly contradicts the reality of my son? Why am I considering adding my impending child to her patient roster if I know I can’t count on her not to be a condescending turd who berates me for my every deviation from her idea of perfect parenting?


Because I tried to search for a new family doctor last night and it proved totally impossible. Instead of being able to search for all the things I wanted and needed (and then narrow it down if it got too specific), I was able to only search for one thing at a time. Is there a doctor in my zip code who takes my insurance, can care for my whole family and is currently taking new patients? I don’t know because I could only search for specialties on this site and what insurance they take on this site and where they were located on this site. And I could only find like, phone numbers and pictures of the doctors when I clicked on their names anyway. I’d search somewhere else for reviews but then find that they actually specialize in sports injuries… but for the whole family and that’s why they were listed as a family practice. I’d check my insurance provider’s website to make sure they were in my network and find out that they used to be but aren’t anymore.

There’s got to be a better way of doing this! Maybe it involves making phone calls and that’s why I’m losing the battle so very hard?

This isn’t what I wanted to post about today. I had a cool writing prompt and a story behind it and it was all so… interesting for people who weren’t me. But here we are talking about health insurance and what a giant pain in the ass it is instead and I’m just… done adulting for the day.



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