The Only Girls I Want are Gilmores


In this role, she has brown hair.


I don’t get a lot of “free time” so I don’t like to waste it.

And no, it’s not fair to watch the first 10 minutes of something (or read the first 20 pages or listen to the first song) but again, I don’t like to waste time, especially on something that makes me roll my eyes a couple dozen times before I even know what the thing’s about.

10 minutes of Girlboss was enough. The only good thing that happened is that an old lady straight up smacked this girl in the face. This girl–played by the girl who always plays an obnoxious, pouty, self-absorbed brat–needs a slap in the face. Every day. Until this obnoxious stereotype of all millennials being obnoxious, pouty, self-absorbed brats goes away. Because the majority of millennials I know are real people with actual personalities and problems and accomplishments and goals and setbacks and perspectives other than this very limited one.

I guess I will go clean the bathroom now instead of enjoying a little coffee and Netflix before the kid comes home from his grandparents’ house. Thanks for wasting my free time on this garbage today, Netflix.

How about more Gilmore Girls, less crap I could watch on cable TV.

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