For the Love of Knuckles

That’s it. I’ve had enough. There is nothing to convince me of the logic of short-spouted sinks in public restrooms as I scrape my tiny knuckles against in the inside back of the basin just to rinse my damn hands.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a bathroom I use. I do not know this bathroom. This is a model bathroom from a sink/hardware sales site.

Could we just… like, recognize that no one is filling up this sink to do dishes or wash hair or whatever other reason someone might conceive of the make the spout that short? How do large-handed people use these if I have so much trouble? Don’t you want me to clean my hands? Don’t you want me to stop the spread of germs? Just… please… make this make sense to me.




Where the crafty people at? Because I do not have time to make a bunch of these.

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