Bad Reviewer Clapback

Hoohooohooooooo! Hahah! Take THAT, haters!

I’ve been redeemed on Amazon as someone (full disclosure, it’s someone I know who thought that review was 100% bullshit bigotry) clapped back at my crappy reviewer.

ltot-book-coverDear Kindle Customer,
When you review a book, you are expected to comment on the quality of the writing, not whether or not you agree with the plot points. If you want a different ending, write your own story. This is a coming of age story, not a “story of decision”, which means that it is about the twists and turns of being human. Not every person’s story is the same, and in a world where 99% of the art reflects the lives of heterosexual people, the need for stories representing same sex relationships is huge. That IS the real world. What you are suggesting is actually a tired trope where the girls kiss and then return to their socially acceptable boyfriends. That is a Katy Perry song, not an actual literary suggestion. If you value original writing, then stop tearing down independent writers who are sharing their voice. Write a book, tell a story, start a blog; just CREATE something rather than destroying what someone else has created.


Right? Thank you, literary avenger!

See the original here.



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