A Plea to Readers

Dear Readers of ebooks, specifically on Amazon but elsewhere as well,

Please take a moment and rate the books you read, especially by independent authors. It makes a world of difference!

I know from my sales stats that at least 100 people have downloaded my newest book and my KENP score (pages read) is up in the thousands so people are reading it. Two lovely people gave me favorable ratings on GoodReads, which I am grateful for, but my Amazon rating remains at a 1 star with a nasty review by a small-minded troll which makes it look like one jerk read my crap book and hated it rather than the lots of readers, some of whom thought it was at least OKish.

Just throw those indie writers a bone. Give a few stars. Make them feel like they aren’t total crap for trying.


An Indie Writer with an adorable book rated 1 star by some jackass who wants to see the world burn



3 thoughts on “A Plea to Readers

    • That’s what I’m hoping. It’s just that there’s only the one review, the one rating so if all readers do is see that one star, they might be like, “Oh yuck, pass.”

      But you’re right. The review is SO douchey that a lot of people might not take it seriously. My KENP numbers are still going up as are downloads so… it can’t be that bad, right?

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  1. If I were you, I might actually go on Twitter or Social media, and announce you just got your first troll. Something like “Homophobes and bigots hate my book, but YOU might just love it” and a link. Don’t hide it, celebrate it! Make it clear that the fact someone like him hates your book is the best review you could have gotten, and you’re proud of it. I think more stars will start rolling in.

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