Those Who Can’t

Wwwwwow. Just received my first book review on Amazon and it is UNpleasant.

3c4b46406ed9ec02dd2cdc88148cb88eIf you want to write a story of decision then make the protagonist have a real choice.. Have her have intense love for both of them. When three quarters of the book is about the two girls you know how it is going to end. I wish authors would be original and not always have the two of the same sex get together. And stop making the guys be the molesters and mean. Have some of the girls be mean to the guys or even molest some of the other girls. If you’re writing a book about growing up make it about the real world and not some stereotypical one.
I’m trying to be upset about it but I can’t. This review screams “I have problems of my own that your book doesn’t fix” and there’s nothing I can do about that.
I did get a 4 star and a 5 star rating on GoodReads though.
And I know I’m not supposed to respond to critics because blah blah engaging the trolls whatever but… just in general, I’m going to keep writing the stories I want to tell because I want to tell them. That’s why I started writing. My advice to people who leave reviews like this is:

Go write that book you want to read!


2 thoughts on “Those Who Can’t

  1. I’m not typically the sort to encourage authors to put bad reviews on blast, but considering it’s more of a straight-up bigoted review than a regular, garden variety bad review, I think you’re totally justified. Honestly, the kind of book they want is probably not the kind I would touch with a ten-foot pole.

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