Turn the Other Cheek so I may slap it

I’ve been in self-preservation mode since the election, focusing on my son, my daily tasks, my job, my NaNoWriMo WIP and avoiding Facebook at all costs. But I took a look this morning and saw outrage and protests and bitterness and LOTS of hypocrisy from both sides. I saw people preaching love and acceptance and moving on with love in your hearts for all and I saw people committing to hate, vowing to avenge the wrongs done to their families and communities.

And what I thought was this:

Choosing love doesn’t necessarily mean Turning the Other Cheek. It can also mean fighting the power out of love instead of hate. Love burns bright and endures. Hate burns out and leaves nothing behind. Choose love because love will sustain your fight.

The mountain doesn’t move from one big push. It takes slow steady effort to get over, around or through.



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