Keifer IS… kickass no matter what

Hey, if you want to feel better about the election, binge watch Designated Survivor. After four episodes, I switched over to the news and was like, “oh missing emails? who gives a poop?”

I mean, that’s what I thought the first 8,000 times that email nonsense was brought up too but watching Keifer Sutherland pretend to be a meek minor cabinet member forced into a role of ultimate power (ha. Kiefer can handle anything) and seeing how everyone bitches about every tiny thing he does all the damn thing… well, it really puts things in perspective.

I am disappointed in big fat nothing they’ve given Maggie Q to do. Every episode, she’s sad and staring at something that reminds her of her dead lover. No. That is not what you do with Maggie Q. Give that woman some ass to kick. Give Keifer a gun and a license to kill. I want to see that show*.



*Which would be Nikita and 24, I realize. But I liked what I saw of both of those shows.

EDIT: Props to the malefolk over on Twitter who liked and retweeted the link to this post without reading it at all. It’s a nice little reminder of how social media works. I’ll just throw this little tidbit here at the end: Designated Survivor, while intriguing, is still a sexist show. Less so than many out there, true. But there’s a character who is much more qualified to be president but she’s a woman so she’s a backstabbing shrew. There’s a character who would make a competent and trustworthy Chief of Staff, but she’s a woman, so she’s a “special assistant” and has a romance brewing with the significantly less trustworthy choice for Chief of Staff. There’s a female general but no one listens to her. And naturally, the First Lady had to quit her job and has to spend her time being the President’s ear piece and taking care of the kids.

So… it’s no Speechless, with the overt objectification of teenage girls like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s not a paragon of social progress either.

Also, #ImWithHer so… if ya’ll non-reading retweeters are thinkin’ that Trump = Kiefer, NO. Not at all. Kiefer is an excellent actor, the character he plays is the anti-Trump, and maybe you should freaking read what you retweet.



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