Build It Up, Tear It Down

I finally had a chance to watch a few episodes of Speechless on OnDemand and isn’t it nice how they advocate for the differently-abled while continuing to disrespect and demean women?

Because it’s perfectly ok to treat the girl you like as a prize to be won, to kiss her without permission, and to stalk her until she likes you. It’s also ok for jocks to talk about girls like interchangeable sexbots who exist solely for their pleasure. It’s ok to stare at cheerleaders’ bums because that’s the only purpose of that sport and why don’t you call yourself their manager so you can officially stare at their bums while also having nominal power over them. And let’s make sure the mother of a special needs kid is known to be a overbearing pain in the ass because it’s certainly not difficult to get accommodations from bureaucracies who hate spending money.

In conclusion: Speechless sucks. Sitcoms in general suck because they rely on the same old tired tropes and sexist stereotypes. You can’t attempt to break social ground in one underrepresented population while simultaneously denigrating another and call yourself progressive.



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