Parents Magazine Blames Me

Dear Parents Magazine,

I just spent two and half hours trying to get my toddler to go to sleep. It’s 10:10pm and I am exhausted, emotional, and have lost all sense of chill.

Because even as I tried all of my regular tricks, all the rocking and singing and counting and rhythmic breathing that sometimes works, one thought echoed in my head.

Because even though sometimes it just takes a little longer for my son’s busy brain to calm down and although frustrating, I can usually keep my cool by reminding myself that he’ll fall asleep eventually, this one terrible thought plagued my tired brain.

This one thought brought me to tears 4 separate times over the course of those two and a half hours.

This one thought, which was the actual SUBTITLE of your latest sleep fixes article (which really just spouted off all the usual sleep advice that has never worked for us) stabbed repeatedly at my heart:

It’s Probably Your Fault

You know what I don’t need, Parents Magazine? One more fucking source telling me how inadequate I am as a parent. You know what I don’t need? To be told outright that if my kid doesn’t fit the mold, there must be something wrong with ME.

You know what I don’t fucking need?

Parents Goddamn Magazine.

But I’ll cancel my subscription tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to rest comfortably, maybe even in my son’s bed if he wakes up again, because you don’t know me, you don’t know my son, and your useless rag will be in the garbage tomorrow morning.



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