I Walk My Own Self

The only people I have ever seen wheeled out of the hospital were the ones who had been wheeled in, people who are wheelchair-bound in every day life.

I walked from the parking garage to the main elevators through the labyrinth hallways to the maternity ward in labor and walked out two days later carrying my own overnight bag (my husband carried our son in the car seat, per protocol). I had laparoscopic surgery once and hauled my own ass out of my recovery bed an hour after surgery, put on my own pants, and walked out to the car. Both of my in-laws walked out of the hospital after multiple surgeries, as have their relatives and friends. I work across the street from a hospital and spend my breaks watching people walk in and out of that place, not a single wheelchair among them.

So my question is this: Is the insistence upon pushing patients in wheelchairs to the front door an outdated trope in television and movies or is my local hospital just… a really crappy one?



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