In Locker Rooms and Space Ships

LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I SAW and why children’s media needs to set a better example these days than presidential candidates who go about grabbin’ people without their consent.

I have complained before about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their newest incarnation where they go to space because a black hole ate the Earth or some such and a robot with a human brain flies them around looking for space bugs and rhinos or something. That should tell you how much attention I pay to the plot of the show. I can tell you that they came back to Earth at some point and April went all nutty because of an alien crystal but that’s all I got. I’m sure there’s a forum somewhere you can refer to if you’re that interested.

I was, however, paying attention the other day when a repeat of their first day in space played on my television. THE VERY SAME television on which I watched the Presidential Debates. THE VERY SAME television on which I watched the SNL cold open where Cecily Strong, in response to Alec Baldwin’s Trump, performed the standard female physical reaction to male creepy-ickiness: the arm cross, body hug, boob-hide.


THEN I watched the Ninja Turtles episode and saw this:


The arm cross, body hug, boob-hide girls use instinctively when a dude is making her feel uncomfortable. Why is April uncomfortable? Because she’s shy and self-conscious about her new jumpsuit? No. Because a robot with a human brain is standing behind her? No. Because THIS happened just moments before:


I’m sure the animators think they did a great job humanizing April by using a gesture they’ve seen girls make a million times. I’m also sure the animators were the REASON the girls made that gesture. Because they’re creeps. And ick.

So let me just spell it out to anyone who’s confused.

  1. Female bodies don’t exist to be looked at and/or sexualized
  2. When someone shrinks and hugs themselves, they are not welcoming your attention
  3. Girls watch cartoons too, goddamnit. Stop it. Stop sexualizing all the female cartoon characters. Stop making it normal to make girls uncomfortable you sick sons of bitches.

This isn’t ok. Why don’t people understand that none of this is ok?


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