Gifts for Men who are MEN

Scrolling through Kohl’s “men’s gifts” section, I can only assume that all men are a 1950s stereotype of working fatherhood:

1. Ties, bowties, cufflinks

2. Travel  and/or hygiene accessories: executive toiletry set, leather luggage tags, shaving kits, shoe shine kits

3. Golf accessories: club holders, decorative golf balls, towels, books, framed photos

4. Cigar accessories: mostly just holders

5. BBQ accessories: books, tools, plates

6. Drinking accessories: wine bottle holders, flasks

7. Chess sets and book ends

8. Tools and car accessories

9. Jewelry boxes for watches. Multiple watches. Fancy smancy watches.


And that’s about it.

366alyBut since none of the men in my life are hard drinkin’, chess-playin’, executive golfers with a business wardrobe and a well-decorated office who spend their weekends fixin’ all the things and BBQin’ for the fam, I don’t really have any options. I mean, my dad smokes the occasional cigar, but I’m not supporting that habit. My dad and husband fix things but already have their own tools. None of the men I know own enough books to justify book ends or watches to put in a display case.

So…. Kohls is a bit of a dead end for me on gifts for men. And progress toward a more equal society, apparently.



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