I’m the Best… Around

One of the things I try to impress upon the kids I work with in my after school program is that we can be proud of our achievements without being a braggart, that it is possible to celebrate ourselves without putting anyone else down.

I mean, of course there are people who will be hurt regardless which is why I hate Scary Mommy Shame Articles* promoting the idea that if you can’t have it/be it/do it, no one else should either. There will always be THOSE people who can’t let anyone else have anything nice. But most people, I’ve found, are able to celebrate our wins with us as long as we’re not a total turd about it.

Point being, humility doesn’t have to be “don’t look at me, don’t appreciate me, I’m nothing.” It can be, “this is what I can do/did well and I am proud of that.” And we can all clap and say WELL DONE, SIR! WELL DONE, MA’AM! and then move on with our lives.


This is all just to say that I won #FriDare on Twitter this week and I’m proud of that. But let’s not make a big deal, huh? I’m trying to be humble here.


*I’m not trying to bully Scary Mommy because there are a lot of good articles on there. The ones that keep popping up on my Facebook feed (and maybe I just need more positive friends who share less hateful crap) are the rah rah, YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTAH THAN ME?! type and I am So Sick of them.


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