Flash Fiction for Free!

51aubuobgylShort on Time? Low on Money? Desperate for a fiction fix? Well, I have a solution for you!

New for Free Book Friday, download A Flash of Effect: Inside the world of The Homecoming Effect in four short-short stories for freeeeeeeee (9/16-9/20) from Amazon.com

Writing The Homecoming Effect was a long and painful process and when I’d lose steam or get lost, I found that writing a character sketch or a short story that fit between scenes would get me back on track.

Basically, it’s fan fiction of my own work. If that’s possible. Which… sure, why not?

Regardless, it’s a quick read and a nice little peek at the novel, if you haven’t read it, or a reminder of the good times if you have.

Regularly priced at $.99, it’s available for free for the next 5 days. Grab your copy now, read it whenever, and then, if you could be a dear, throw a star review at me so Amazon will take me seriously. It’s a book eat book world out there and mama needs some love.


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