Show and Tell and Throw and Spell

I’m a fan of writing prompts on Twitter and more recently on Facebook and try to play every day. Friday, however, is FRIDARE day and that’s usually a pretty good time. Today’s FriDare is Show vs. Tell:


In playing this week, I realized how at odds my speech patterns and my writing have become since having my son. Kiddo is not a big word-user just yet but he does understand… evvverything. Especially the things I do not want him to understand. I frequently find myself reminding my husband of this before he goes off and says something he shouldn’t. Like that there’s ice cream in the freezer. Because the kid KNOWS ice cream. He LIKES ice cream. And now he knows we have some and HE WANTSSSS IT! Good job, Daddy.

So here I am talking to my son in simple details:

Where is the red truck? Is that the red truck? Here it is! Here is the red truck!

And then trying to write:

A red plastic streak catches my eye and I duck instinctively, knowing it’s aimed at my head. That truck, that damned red truck and it’s impressive aerodynamics flies from tiny fist to cushioned couch in an arc over my huddled body. I’ve avoided one potential injury today.

Telling my son:

You look sad. Are you sad? Are you sad because Mommy took the red truck? You can be sad. But you can’t throw the red truck at Mommy.

Showing my audience:

His bottom lip trembled pathetically, his eyes filling with tears. His stomping fit looked like an Irish jig and I bit my tongue to keep from laughing.


prob-solver-articleMy whole day is Tell vs Show! And avoiding flying objects. And NOT mentioning anything about…. i-c-e  c-r-e-a-m in the freezer. Shh!




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