You could do worse than Hobie Buchannon


Junior Lifeguard will save you and be your friend

I’m only 5 seasons in to Baywatch reruns but I gotta tell ya, Hobie seems like a decent kid. He’s a cool kid, of course, with the surfing and the boogie boarding and skateboarding and whatnot (or is every SoCal kid that kind of cool?) but he’s also kind and fair and empathetic. The kid talks to social outcasts, makes friends with homeless and handicap people, he doesn’t hesitate to jump over piers or run into trouble to save someone, and when he overreacts, he thinks about it and says, “You know what, Dad, you were right. I’m sorry I snapped at you.” I wouldn’t mind raising a kid like Hobie.



He’s a Teen who’s also a Wolf

He reminds me of Scott McCall in that way: kids who are thrown into extraordinary circumstances who still manage to make pretty good decisions and have some perspective about how their actions might affect others. They’re confident and compassionate and take on leadership roles with grace and humility. That’s not easy for boys, certainly not in the 90s and not really now either. There’s an expectation of teenage boys to be rowdy and irresponsible and lacking in empathy and I love that there are role models out there in the media for an alternative.

Because those boys exist in real life too. The kids I work with at my after school activity are proof enough that decent, goodhearted, intelligent teenagers exist and they’re not all stereotypical nerds and goody two shoes; they’re just cool, funny kids who care about others.

I’m gonna feel like such a jerk if Hobie turns into a douche in later seasons. Scott McCall, so far, has continued being pretty great, for a Teen Wolf.


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