No Love for the Kitties

kittybathI watched a video today of a kitten in an empty tub playing with tennis balls. The tub was not your standard symmetrical bucket, like the one most of us stand in to shower every day but fancy shaped with fancy hardware and probably just one impressive feature of a rather fancy bathroom belonging to someone who clearly has more money than me. It wasn’t my first thought, this judgement of bathtubs, this assumption of wealth, but I did notice. And so did someone in the comments.

Something about spoiled kitties and spoiled people and must be nice-itudes, which by the way, is why I try not to read the comments. Kitties just want to have fun, ya’ll.

And honestly, it is not hard to spoil a cat. They delight in such small things: toilet paper tubes and plastic bottle tops, bits of turkey from your sandwich or just a food bowl you can’t see the bottom of.

All this just leads me to believe that the worst parts of the internet are just petty people with too much hate in their hearts to contain the darkness. Who complains about a kitten playing with tennis balls in a bathtub? Honestly.



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