The One Above the One

I fell victim to too late coffee the other night inconveniently on the same night my son fell asleep 90 minutes early. Sure, I could have done some serious writing in that amount of time but I watched The Matrix instead. I’m not unhappy with my choice.

But as I’m watching the scene where Neo and Morpheus spar in the training program and thinking, how does one achieve that kind of speed? Mouse  says, “Take a look at his neurokinetics, they’re way above normal.”

Is neurokinetics a real thing, by the way? A rudimentary Google search seems to think not.

Anyway, what if Neo is just a genius? What if that’s why he’s the fastest? What if that’s what makes him The One?

And if that’s true, I bet Walter O’Brien (the character) would be faster in the Matrix. Also, I bet he would look exactly as he does in real life except that his shirt would never come untucked. And I bet his hacker name would be WalterOBrien.

This is all just to say that I’m looking forward to the return of Scorpion this fall. And that I really need to regulate my coffee intake.

a1fe3591aabc98261f6abd6ada92b19d neo1


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