Montage Me a Summer

I enjoy the concept of things more than the actuality of them, which is probably why I’m a writer.

Take the beach, for example. I love the idea of the beach: sand squishing between the toes, sunlight warming the skin, salty sea air! Ahhhh.

But the reality of the beach is stinky salt air, sunburn, and sand EVERYWHERE. No funsies.

This is all to say that I’ve become addicted to Baywatch, not for the clever plot lines or well-developed characters because… there are none of those things. But those montages I previously mocked are actually kind of wonderful. I get to watch other people enjoying the things I can’t stand doing myself: sunning, swimming, skiing, sky-diving, surfing, and other outdoor activities that don’t start with s.

Also, there’s an undeniable 90s nostalgia factor especially with clothing and hairstyles.




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