Sometimes Low Self-Esteem is Just Good Common Sense

Spanglish 3 (640x427).jpg

“Lately, your low self-esteem is just good common sense.”

It took a long time for me not to hate Tea Leoni after Spanglish. I hated her character So Very Much which speaks to her talent as an actress because I love Elizabeth McCord on Madam Secretary so very much. The thing about Deborah is that I know so many people like her (whereas I only wish I knew anyone anything like Bess McCord): thoroughly self-absorbed to the point of actively, probably passive aggressively hurting the people they supposedly care about and never once taking any responsibility for the damage their words and actions do.

That last part is on my mind today: Taking Responsibility.

It has come to my attention that a former client that my husband and I tried to help start his own business has been sharing some stuff on Facebook. “Haters gonna hate, ya’ll.” “I’m gonna Rise Above the Negativity,” “They’ll see when I get to the top and look down on them,” “They’re all just JEALOUS of my success,” and so on and so forth.

Here’s the thing: This man violated the terms of our business agreement… Four Times. Each time, we sat him down and explained what he did wrong, why it was important for our business and his that he follow not only this specific segment of the agreement, but ALL of them, and what we could all do instead of whatever stupid ass crap he did.

The third time this happened, we upped the ante. We told him our business is how we pay for our house and feed our child and if he effs with it again, he’s out and we’re done.

Naturally, he effed up again. So we emailed him and told him we’ve had to make this strategic decision to protect ourselves and our business. And he reacted like a consummate professional and mature compassionate man.

Just kidding, he unfriended me on Facebook during the email exchange, threw an epic hissy fit and started posting HATERS GONNA HATE memes. Ughhh.

My husband is pissed. I’m feeling pretty justified. I’ve been saying from the beginning that this guy doesn’t have the resourcefulness, the fortitude, the humility or the temperament to run a business. Point proven.

But back to Deb and self-esteem. Now that our former client is posting all his negative positivity statement, his friends are jumping to his aid in trying to build him back up while I’m sitting here, knowing the whole story and thinking, Dude, your low-self esteem is accurate to your energy output. Why don’t you fix your ‘tude before you try “helping” anyone else.


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