Someone Hug Clara’s Babies

theguildI’m not a gamer so I’ll never appreciate it fully, but I gotta say, I don’t like The Guild specifically because of Clara. I watched the first episode? which is several episodes? on Netflix this week during nap time and while I find Felicia Day awkwardly charming and the story itself mildly compelling, I just… ugh, as a mom, I can’t handle Clara’s neglect of her children.

It’s a comedy, Eda, they’re joking! Yes, I know, and before I had a kid of my own, I would have thought it was funny too. As a for reals mom, I often feel like just letting my child roam around restaurants so Mommy can freaking eat. But there’s also this thing that happens to you when you have a baby that changes your brain chemistry and makes the world a horrible and dangerous place that you just CAN’T handle sometimes. I stopped engaging in any sort of consumption of information that was emotional for the first year after I gave birth. I couldn’t handle the news. I had to stop watching Gotham and Mr. Robot. I unfollowed anyone on social media who posted any stories or pictures of animal or child neglect because everything made me cry at the least or send me into hysterical panic attacks.

Sometimes I hear a stranger’s baby crying several aisles away from me in the grocery store and I still get upset.

Seeing Clara’s children dirty and crying hurts me. Watching them reach their hands out of the CAGE at Tink’s house was unbearable. I cried. While watching The Guild, I cried for fictional children. Mombrain is real.

I still love Felicia Day and maybe I’ll check out some of her other projects but between not understanding or caring about gaming culture and having severe momxiety, I think I’ll pass on any more episodes of The Guild.


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